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Cerita tentang Harapan ..Impian..dari seorang Puspa Setia Pratiwi

UM Expo @ Dewan Tungku Chanselor

on January 19, 2009

As one of the leading research university in Malaysia, University of Malaya, held an exhibition of their research and project products at DTC building.
I think more than 50 stands were participating in the event.


Seems like there must be something should be improved from my university, UI. Declared to be a world-class research university, University of Indonesia, must start to learn from other research-advanced university
for example UM. In this exhibition, not only faculties from UM were participating but there were also participants from secondary and vocational school. So pretty much students wearing uniform were seen at the venue.
There were also information stand for school students or undergraduates who are willing to continue their study in UM. Hopefully, my university also will organize an event like this!

Stands at the main entrance, mostly from biomedical faculty


Discussion and Talk Show Stage area

Obama also participate in this event

An interesting multimedia author-toolkit of Jawi language made by post-graduate student from faculty of computer science & IT UM

This is a model of land-fills coveraging, I interviewed one of the person in charge of this project, I think this is really a great solution for the land-fills problem regarding their
mitin production effect. This project could convert the mitin produced from land-fills into carbon-dioxide(it’s more environment-friendly than mitin).

Poster of the wastes that could be recycled as a valuable products such as bricks and kid toy’s..hmm very interesting huh??

This stand is about Satanisme, people in charge of this reseacrh were trying to figure-out the amount of Satanisme in horror movies or in any other media that relates to mysticism, which is indicated as syirik.


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