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The World Bank 2009 Essay Competition

on February 2, 2009

Hmm…target kompetisi selanjutnya setelah beberapa aplikasi kompetisi yang saya kirim bulan ini(ISWI 2009 in Germany, British Council Summerworkshop in Tokyo, dan Youth Leader di USA)…
Today must be better than yesterday
kalau tahun lalu saya alhamdulilah menjadi finalis pada beberapa kompetisi tingkat nasional , tahun ini minimal target menjadi salah satu finalis dalam ajang internasional..
tujuan saya ikut2 kompetisi kaya’ begini??
banyak lah..selain mengharumkan nama bangsa, mendapatkan kesempatan jalan2 ke luar negri juga mendapat banyak teman baru..ada beberapa idealisme dan support yang ingin saya cari dalam mengikuti kompetisi semacam ini..
doakan ya kawan!!

WANTED: The Next Generation of ‘Green’ Entrepreneurs

Climate change has been identified as one of the biggest global threats of our time. Scientists agree that global warming and extreme climate phenomena can be increasingly attributed to human activity – in particular, heavy emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, resulting from industrial processes.

Solutions to those pressing problems could lie in the rapidly growing ‘green economy’: environmentally sustainable enterprises, technological innovations (new sources of clean, renewable energy), energy efficiency measures, economic incentives for low-carbon choices, etc. How can youth contribute?

The Essay Competition 2009 invites youth to share ideas on:

How does climate change affect you?
How can you tackle climate change through youth-led solutions?

Please answer both questions:

1. How does climate change affect you, your country, town or local community? How do you think it will affect you in the future? Think about the consequences for employment, health, security and other areas of your life.

2. What can you do, working together with your peers, to address the problem of climate change in your country, town or local community? Think specifically about the role of youth-led initiatives in the ‘green economy’.

Submissions will be accepted until February 22, 2009.

• Each participant may submit entries in more than one category, but only one submission per category is allowed. This means that you may submit one essay, one video and one photo (although, of course, you can choose to submit, for example, only an essay), but you may not submit, for example, two essays.

• Participants must be between 18 and 25 years of age on June 15, 2009.

• Essays must not be longer than 4,000 words. Videos must not be longer than 2 minutes. There is no minimum length.

• Submissions can only be made online, in English, French, or Spanish. Essays and photos are submitted via the Essay Competition website and videos are submitted via YouTube. Each participant must fill in a submission form on the Essay Competition website.

• Each essay must be accompanied by a summary (max. 250 words). The summary will be used by the jury to make a pre-selection. Each photo must be accompanied by a description of no more than 150 words.

• All submissions will be blind reviewed. References to specific individuals, firms, or schools, which might reveal the author’s identity, are discouraged. It is not allowed to indicate your name anywhere on your work.

• Quotes and references must be clearly marked throughout the essay and properly cited.

• All submissions must be original. No previously published material will be accepted. Any form of plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification. Please note that
all essays will be screened with specialized software to verify plagiarism.The submission process is very simple and entirely online-based. Essays and photos are submitted directly via the Essay Competition website, and the videos – via YouTube. All participants, including those who submit videos,
must fill in an online submission form. Submissions sent via email or regular mail will not be considered. More about submitting a video

• Essays are accepted in the .doc or .pdf format, while photos can only be submitted as .jpg files of maximum 2.5 MB.

• The World Bank reserves the right to publish and/or to make available to the public the winning submissions. The World Bank reserves the right to modify the format and content of the submissions for publication purposes.

• The decision of the Jury is final and is not subject to an appeal.

• Participants of the previous editions of the Essay Competition are also encouraged to apply.

For further info, visit:

• Active (between the time of essay submission and the Final Jury in June 2009),
paid staff (term or open-ended) of partner organizations (see list) of Essay Competition 2009 are not eligible to participate.


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