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Research Adventure

on February 10, 2009

Today, I went to KLCC Petronas Tower alone.. not just from the outside but really came inside and reached the 50th floor..yeaah!

Previously, I went there with my friend..but I never went there alone like today
It is really necessary for me to go there..regarding for my thesis research
I must find a company to be the respondent of my research
Before I went to KLCC, I already had listed two companies there to become my respondents
To get into the tower is totally a great effort
First, I had to register for the visitor pass which is quite long and require my picture and passport
then my bag had to pass security scanning
fiuhh,,what a very strict authority..
The first company that I visited is willing to confirm later on
The second company is not in KLCC anymore
, yet I didn’t give up that easily
I searched for other companies that is quite relevant to my research…since
I still have three recommendation letter and research proposal
I came to the office of Accenture and Microsoft
They responded me the email of the person in charge for my research
Hopefully they will reply as soon as possible

KLCC was the most luxurious bulding that I’ve ever visited
Many young executives were around
It was really a great time when you can view the KL city from the top of Petronas tower..
If I’m not mistaken..The twin tower have 89 floors each+ 1 floor for the Ground level


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