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Start to not to be a Procrastinator..

on February 22, 2009

These are all the summary of the “Procrastinating Workshop” that I attended two days ago in Perdana Siswa, UM. It was really a great time when you can hear all the experience of other people in organizing their time and we all shared our ideas of how to not to be a procrastinator. ..

The situation in the workshop

I was really impressed with one of the participant whom I didn’t know his name. He is a really hard-working guy.

Imagine in his age now (about 22 years old), he already gain RM 2000 salary from giving private tuition to secondary-students in KL and as a seller of an insurance product. He always managed his time well and set many goals to be achieved in the future. He targeted that after graduated, he must gain salary of RM 10.000/month.

Start to not to be a Procrastinator..

What is procrastinating?
It’s a habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute, it’s a complex psychological attitude that can give negative impacts to our life. It is already been a problem of the 25-70% people in the world
The factor issues of procrastinating
High perfectionism attitude, high expectation, poor time management, not punctual attitude, stubbornness, personal problem, difficulty in concentrating, fear and anxiety, negative belief, find the task boring, etc

How to tackle the problems of Procrastinating?

• Have to well-known the factor that lead us to be a procrastinator
• Determine your short-term and long-term goals
• Analyze your self-potential strength
• Motivate yourself
• Be discipline
• Prioritize your tasks
• Set a realistic goals in every short-term period
• Modify your environment
• Have a good friend as your role
• Value every minute of your life as precious moment
• Organize your time well
• Consult your problem to a person that you trust he/she will help you in solving your problem
• Believe in yourself-be confident

~ to be honest..I am still a procrastinator, in the first of my study in Fasilkom the reason of procrastinating is because my negative beliefs..and now it’s because sometime I feel my task is boring, and the number of activities that I have..

Hopefully, I can manage my time better..


2 responses to “Start to not to be a Procrastinator..

  1. havban says:

    if you are a procrastinator.. then procrastinate you procrastination..


  2. akeminissa says:

    #havban: thanks for the nice advice bro..

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