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Cheer up !

on August 25, 2010

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.”

Perseverance is the golden key to being successful in anything you do.

Be it losing weight, studying for exams or even starting a business.

It’s a matter of hanging on long after others have quit.

Ladder of Achievement

100%    I did
90%     I will
80%     I can
70%     I think I can
60%     I might
50%     I think I might
40%     What is it?
30%     I wish I could
20%     I don’t know how
10%     I can’t
0%      I won’t 

Give yourself the time necessary to succeed. Patience and persistent effort will make any possibility come to life.

Value is created over time. With focused action, the goals you seek will surely come in good time.

Your efforts will not fail to bring results. And the most powerful results are the ones that come over time.

Plant the seeds of success. And even before those first seeds begin to sprout, keep planting even more seeds.

In good time, those tiny seeds, diligently and persistently planted, will yield a bountiful harvest of achievement. In good time, every effort will be rewarded.

Find joy in every moment of the journey, knowing that you are indeed making a difference. In good time, you’ll savor the sweet fruits of all those efforts.

Ralph Marston


One response to “Cheer up !

  1. Silence Heart says:

    Mba Puspa klo di FB istilahnya.. “Like This” d(^_^)b

    especially for Ladder of achievement

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