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My New Campus & Friends

on November 20, 2010

Well .. seems like it’s already three months since the last post of this  blog.

Howdy friends? It’s going to be the third month of my life in this new campus. Sorry to tell you guys, that I converted my study now (since I received a scholarship from an Asia Europe Institute in my university). I made up to this decision since the new offer provide me with free tuition fees and monthly stipends (It feels great when you’re not burdening your parents anymore in your age of 23). They also will provide full financial support for two months internship program in any country we want (probably I prefer to UK).

My new friends are quite different from those  in my previous faculty . They are very bright and panel-debaters (which is absolutely not me), but I really like to be part of this new environment, the competition among the students is quite tough, tight schedules & deadlines (just as similar as in my undergraduate).  The modular basis of the course required students to finish each course in two weeks, so every two weeks I always have two assignments weigh 70-100 % of a 3 credit hours and classes from Monday to Saturday 9 am until 4 or 5 pm! (doesn’t it sounds really awful?) .

Nevertheless, there are loads of things to be grateful of. I really found my best-friends here (they are Malays and Thais), although we study a lot, but we always spend our time together, especially in weekends (Eat Thai cuisines, watch movies, buy Ice creams).

These are my new friends. We really have short time being together since we only going to meet for eight months before Internship program started.  I should be more grateful , I really feel thankful to Allah Swt for the life that I have today.




2 responses to “My New Campus & Friends

  1. Leni says:

    Puspa… I miss u a lot..
    Looks like u’re really happy with ur life there ^^
    Really wanna follow ur step to take master degree too..
    But maybe not now..

    Anyway, can’t wait to see u in Indonesia soon 😉
    U know what i mean, right? Hehehehe

  2. akeminissa says:

    Leniii , I miss u a lot dear.

    Yeah I know what you mean xixixi ..
    I’m looking forward to meet you soon..
    I hope in the future you can also pursue your master degree in your dream country

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